MIAMI Postcard Wynwood

MIAMI-M -_DSC3565(WIP10-Merged-)FINAL(13x19)(web)bluer(web)

For last Art Basel 2015.  Photographer Greg Myers of Square Meal Productions and I collaborated on an idea that is an homage to  Abbey Road and still captured all the essence of Miami and the grittiness of Wynwood. The postcard features Nonsense original, hand-made, one of a kind, colorful, bold garments and giant hair head pieces.

As the rumors go, and the symbolism to  the cover of Abbey Road, I wanted to embrace The Great Hoax that “Paul is Dead” and keep all the hidden meanings that fans have dissected.   Leading the procession is John wearing white, symbolizing the clergy. Ringo, dressed in black, is a pallbearer or the undertaker.  I’ve been a fan of The Beatles for a while now, but like most other things that we think we know, and understand we don’t actually know anything. Researching Abbey Road and coming across this hidden meaning idea really put the extra inspiration into creating the garments.

Speaking of hidden meanings, here’s a fun hidden element to the postcard: I am the model in the 5 looks featured. Placement and timing was a task and skill of Mr. Myers. The nostalgic postcards can be brought at pop up shops and boutiques around Miami.


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